In 1994, Crystal and her twin sister cycled across Canada (YES – the entire country), cycling 7906km on a tandem bike, raising funds and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.  Crystal and her twin-sister spent 2 years planning this “Dare To Discover Tour” in support of their mother, who underwent life-saving heart surgery in 1992.  Over $500,000 was raised in this trek across the country!!!

In 2005, Crystal and a colleague, Stephanie Moore, ran 100km in 14 hours, raising funds for Partners in The Horn Of Africa.  Through this fund-raising event, $10,000 was raised, enough funds for 100 families in Ethiopia to start their own businesses (and feed their children)!  In 2006, the second annual “Great Big Run For Africa raised $35,000! The 3rd annual run held on October 13th raised an unprecedented $45,000! If you would like to donate to this charity please go to

In 2007, Crystal competed in her 5th Ironman Triathlon, raising funds for The Canadian Diabetes Association in support of her sister, who has diabetes! 

In 2008, Crystal went to Hawaii to race in her 6th Ironman race for Room To Read - helping kids everhwere to be able to attend school

In 2007 - 2012, Crystal learned of the charity “Room To Read”  in 2007 and since that time, the Kelowna International Hostel has sponsored the building of two schools in Nepal, serving almost one thousand children!  Thanks to guests of the Kelowna International Hostel for staying with us because most of the net profit of the hostel goes to charity and with your help, we are making a huge difference for kids around the world who would not have a chance to attend school if it weren't for you!  See  or read the book “Leaving Microsoft to Change The World” by John Wood.

In 2009, Crystal competed in yet another Ironman traithlon, raising funds for Room To Read and in the last few years, Crystal raced in Hawaii, Mexico and Canada continuing to raise funds for Room To Read.  In 2012, Crystal will compete in her 11th Ironman Triathlon, and together with the Kelowna International Hostel and its guests...we are truly changing the world for children in some of the most remote parts of the world! 

Thank you so much to all guests who have stayed at the Kelowna International Hostel over the past 14 years!  It is because of YOU that countless children are able to go to school!